What is the difference between hot tubs, jacuzzis and spas?


Although the roots of these names are all different they mean the same thing. The "hot tub" was originally a wooden barrel that was sawn in half and filled with hot water to warm people in northern climes during the winter.


Then in 1956, an idea was born. Why not treat a family member's arthritis with jetted warm water using a hydrotherapy pump? The Jacuzzi® brothers invented a pump that was hung on the side of a bathtub and the jacuzzi business was born. Later the word "spa" was coined relating the hot tub/jacuzzi to a thermal spring using the Roman word "spa". To clarify and save space we will now only use the term spa


How can I tell a good spa from a bad one?


We understand that many of our customers are first time spa buyers and have no experience in this field. For example you might be surfing the web and seeing what seem to be identical spas (same size and number of pumps, jets etc) at very different prices. If you were looking for a car, something you have probably got some experience with and know more-or-less what you want, you would be suspicious if you saw a car that the vendors claimed to be the same as say a Volkswagen Golf but was half the price.


Like most things that seem to be too good to be true this is often the case - especially with spas. To help you with this problem we have written a Buyers Guide which you wil find at the top of the page. In this guide we explain all the different things to look for and what to watch out for. This guide is not slanted to our products and we discuss all the different configurations and components of spas so that you will have at least a basic knowlege of what the salesman is talking about as well as a better idea of what it is you actually want. Remember that most sales people work on commission and are therefore going to try to sell you a higher priced spa so it pays to be informed.


How do I choose the right spa?


You probably have a pretty good idea about how many people you want to be able to use the spa at once and perhaps also about how big you want it to be. You may have space restrictions or you might want the biggest spa you can get. These are the first questions that need to be answered and then you can move on to the next question which is what shape do you want? Round, square, rectangular, triangular, heart-shaped?


There are many shapes available and among these different shapes there are three basic styles that have to do with the layout of the seats and loungers. The first style is the standard spa which has one lounger plus 3 to 5 seats, the second style is a spa with no loungers - only seats and the third style is a spa with several loungers. Looking at these spa styles they can then be divided into two types. which also depend on the layout of the seats.


The first type are what we call "view spas", we give them this name because all the people in the seats and loungers are basically looking in the same direction. Examples of this type in our range would be the AquaClear Lakeview spa or the Balcony spa. In the second type, into which fall most round spas and spas with no loungers (as well as some of the square and rectangular models) all the people seated in the spa are looking at each other much like when one is sitting around a table.


Examples of this type in our range would be the AquaClear Family spa or the Sunbelt Luna spa. Obviously which style and type you want will depend on you  and how you plan to use your spa. The last questions you need to answer are how many bells and whistles do you want? Spas can come with 20 jets or 100 jets, with stereos, televisions and even as exercise machines so the question is what do you want? Do you want something simple that will give you a nice massage and a good soak or do you want the full monte? Once these questions have been answered your dealer can then help you find the right model.




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