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Service and repairs are one of our strongest points and we can rightly claim to be able to service any brand of spa. Our technical staff have experience with all types of spa equipment and we decided several years back to offer service for ALL brands. We did this, in part, because we were getiing so many inquiries from people who had purchased spas from other dealers who had either disappeared, were unable to provide service because of a lack of experience or simply refused to have anything to do with the spa once they had been paid for it. Many of these spas had been purchased through construction companies, plumbers or pool instalation and maintenance companies and these people had no technical experience at all and therefore left their customers to deal with it themselves or technicians had to be brought in from great distances at extremely high cost, even while the spa was still under guarantee.

The first thing we will do when you contact us is to try  and fix the problem over the phone. Depending on the brand, the problem and how far away you live we might also ask for photos and serial numbers. Using this information we will attempt to diagnose the problem so that if we need to come we can be sure to bring the right parts and, if necessary, order parts. You would think that the parts would have become standardized by now however it seems that there are some companies bent on avoiding this who insist on producing their own parts so you have to buy from them (and then charging exorbitant prices). Once we know where we are we will make an appointment to come and see you and fix the spa.


When we come to see you to fix your spa we will charge a flat callout fee of 40 € to anywhere within 20 kilometers of Nerja where we are based. If you are further away we will make a calculation based on the distance and time needed to reach you. Once we arrive and start work we charge 25 € an hour plus parts. We can fix anything from leaks to broken pumps and blowers, lights, heaters, keyboards - you name it! Call us! We also carry a full supply of chemicals on board so if you need anything we have it right there!

Among these people we have found many who have made the mistake of buying spas over the internet and we urge all of you who are searching for a spa to NEVER buy a spa that you haven't seen, or at least seen one built by the same company. Even this is not always foolproof as, unfortunately there are many companies that only have a few spas on show and these will generally be the top-of-the-line models. They will show you these and then sell you their most economic spas (which are not on display) saying they are the same, this is obviously untrue a the one they are trying to sell you will be around half of the price of the spa you are actually loooking at.  But back to the internet for a moment. All spas look the same on the internet and if you aren't a professional you cannot tell a good one from a bad one. Also, there are many substandard products on the web coming from the far east. We do not want to infer that all these products are bad however many bathtub companies have jumped onto the spa bandwagon and they have no idea about how to build a spa - so beware. Once again you really need to see the real thing, preferably the actual model you are purchasing.

As stated earlier we offer a full repair and maintenance service for all brands of spas and hot tubs. To do this we carry a large stock of parts on-hand so we can service you more quicly. We are also able to source almost all of the parts we could possibly need here in Europe, however in extreme cases we have brought in parts from the US and even Australia. We don't normally try to source parts from the far east as there are so many companies producing their own kit that it is impossible, given the language barrier, to locate the companies that produced these parts. In these cases we consider it better to change the systems to ones that are tried and true and that we can, in the future, get replacement parts for. These systems are American brands like Balboa, Gecko and Smart Touch - the majority of spas built in the world have electronics systems supplied by these three companies and parts are available all over the world at reasonable prices.

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