Spa Sales and Installation in Nerja, Málaga, Costa del Sol


At Timeout Spas, we are committed to providing you with the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. A treat for body and mind, a treatment for aches and pains, some moments of peaceful relaxation. Swirling aqua-massage, aroma therapy, Bluetooth stereo sound, and lighting to suit your mood - we engage all the senses to give you full-body, full-mind stress relief that rejuvenates and leaves a heavenly, “good all over” feeling that lasts and lasts.


Nothing else that feels so good is so good for you. A Timeout Spa adds pleasure to your life, benefits to your health, and value to your home. We make them better to satisfy us, the better to satisfy you.


Internet Sales


Many companies sell their products on-line these days and as we all know there are some products that lend themselves to this kind of marketing and others that are not quite as apt. Products that come in kit form that are easy to ship, unload and assemble are practical to sell in this manner. A spa or hot tub on the other hand is usually a large, heavy and difficult to manage product that requires expert technical experience to install correctly.


This is why we do not sell and ship directly to private individuals outside of our area, we also insist on doing all our own installations. The main reason for this is the guarantee - the typical guarantee for the shell of a spa is 5 years, for example, however if it is not installed properly this guarantee can be voided. We don't want that to happen to any of our customers so we refuse sales if we cannot install the spa or if it is too far away to service. Many of our customers make their first contact with us through the internet and we have dealt with people exclusively on-line however in these cases we always still do the installation, even if the customer is not there at the time. If you look at our installation guide at the top of the page you will see the steps needed to go through to install a spa correctly.


This is, of course, a general guide and each installation has its own quirks which is why we always do a site survey before closing a sale. It has only happened to us a few times in all our years of trading but we have had to refuse a few installations as being too difficult or dangerous. If we could afford to use a helicopter we could have done them all but at almost 4,000 euros a crack nobody has ever wanted to take the plunge!

The Site Survey


As mentioned we always perform a site survey at the customers home before we close the sale. We come and check on the access to see how we are going to get the spa or hot tub to where it needs to go. To do this we often use cranes but many times the distance is too far so we then use roller platforms, boards, winches and other specialized equipment - depending on the terrain. Below is a picture of an installation in the center of a small Spanish village where we had to bring the hot tub in on a roller platform and then build a three story scaffold so that we could winch it up to the top of the building. Those narrow streets sure are charming but they can really be a pain sometimes!

During the site survey we also check to make sure that the site chosen is suitable, that the floor is strong enough to take the weight, that the electric supply is sufficient, that there is adequate drainage and that there is a good water supply. If a base has to be built for the spa we will advise our client as to how to go about this and will liase with the builder to insure that it is done correctly. The same goes for the electrics if they need to be installed or upgraded - we speak perfect Spanish so many times we can also help bridge the communication gap.


Often, especially with swimspas, people want them installed partially or even totally in-ground. This requires a lot of planning and attention to detail so we either work with our clients builder or bring in one of our own people to do the job. But, as you can see from the photos the results are really worth it.

Getting The Right Spa


One of our most important jobs is insuring that our client gets the right spa. As many of our customers are first-time spa buyers they don't really know the difference between one spa and another or even what it is they are looking for. What is a blower and how does aromatherapy work? Do we need lots of jets or not? These and many others are normal concerns for our customers and we are here to answer them.


We have written a Spa Buyers Guide that addresses a lot of these issues and it is published on this site at the top of the page with our other guides. This will supply general information however we typically like to spend several hours with our customers explaining how things work and the advantages and disadvantages of different system and  models. These can range from the seating layout to where the access to the equipment is to how to store the cover. Its the little details that are important so we like to cover them all!

Prices and Payment


Most of the prices you see advertised or on the internet are not the final price. They will not include VAT, transport, installation, the cost of a crane if one is needed and even the thermal cover! So, it is easy to get confused about where the best deal is. We always quote a full price - for the spa installed and functioning in your home. If you want to buy accessories or there are special installation considerations like the need for very large cranes, special equipment or modifications to be made to the spa - these are extra as we cannot include them in the price as they are specific to that installation.


After we have done the site survey we can normally give a final price including everything. Once this is all done we will order the spa and fix the delivery time then set an installation date that is convenient for the customer and make out the invoice. A deposit is then paid by the customer, normally 50%,  with the rest payable after installation. We insist that this deposit is paid by bank transfer, never in cash, as we want our customer to have a clear record of the transaction and what has been paid. Once the spa is installed, if the customer wants to pay the rest in cash that is fine, we will sign and stamp the invoice as paid in full, or they can make another transfer, as they wish. In our experience you can never be too clear about money so this is the way we insist on operating. Our goal is to insure that you, our customer, are happy throughout the process so we are very careful to make sure that everything goes to plan, from start to finish.




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